imagiMusic: Basics & Introduction

imagiMusic. Photo by Hedvig Jalhed.

”ImagiMusic, the latest in recreational home products from trusted silence makers and cultural innovators Cage Corp. Have you ever wanted to make music out of thin air, or come up with artistical ideas on a whim? Look no further! ImagiMusic is an all encompassing training suite to help you create any sound art imaginable – anywhere, anytime. Use of imagiMusic is also applicable in health care and rehabilitation including, but not restricted to, cases of depression, cancer, narcolepsy, insomnia, coma and tennis elbow.”

Operation Opera presenterar videokonstverket imagiMusic av Joakim Jalhed i kombination med ett performance av Agnes Wästfelt. ImagiMusic: Basics är ett av de verk som representerade Sverige på årets Ung Nordisk Musik-festival 2014.

Produktionsår: 2014
Föreställningslängd: 25 minuter
Språk: Engelska
Komposition och koncept: Joakim Jalhed
Medverkande: Agnes Wästfelt (Constance Rock) och Joakim Jalhed